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The Hanging Gardens is in the process of relocating to Kissimmee Florida.

The H.G. seeks to Usher Forth the New Aeon of Light Life Love Love and Liberty,

And to connect Individuals to Mother Earth & the Cosmos,     

& to their Ancestral Traditions,

And to prepare Initiates for Illumination, and inspire and empower them

to discover and pursue their own true will,

by connecting them to their own Innermost Light.  

We will offer semi-public events

including Seasonal Rites on the Equinoxes & Solstices, 

and Rites of Initiation to members of Our Order,

and Apprenticeships in a Secular Horticulture Guild  

Public Areas of the H.G. will be available for commercial rental 

as a Botanical Gardens for private events.

We also offer to host space for other Thelemic organizations, 

As well as for African Traditions 

and Gardening Groups.  

Tend The Garden And Do As Ye Will

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 Tend The Garden   ~   And Do As Ye Will

Gerald Jay Markoe : 

Meditation Music Of Ancient Egypt

Sacred Ceremony 

- Musical Artist(s) have No Affiliation to the H.G. 


 Hanging Gardens Of Babalon


is a Botanical Gardens 


Thelemic Temple

The H.G. is an Inclusive organization, and forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, or national origin.

Welcome Guests and Members of the H.G. are under the Protection of H.G. Security